About Uplay

Ubisoft has a rich selection of video games and the best (and only) way to enjoy them is through Uplay, their proprietary digital distribution platform. The Uplay client helps you keep track of purchased Ubisoft games, it provides you with the latest news from the developers and it lets you know about great deals. It is also a great way to keep your games organized. Instead of overcrowding your desktop with icons, you can have your games on a slick user interface, where they are easy to find and you can launch them at a moment's notice.

The user interface consists of several sections, including your personal library, where your purchased games displayed as large covers. The software provides a huge amount of information about each game, regardless if it's in your library or in the online store. Also, if you look at a game in your library, you will find details about your progress in that game, as well as achievements and accumulated points. If you have enough points, you can unlock new content for your games.

One of Uplay's advantages is the fact that it makes it quite easy to download and install games. You can purchase a game from the online store, on the same user interface, in just a few seconds. Furthermore, it takes a single click to get the game up and running. The software will download the game's components and it will install them on a default path without asking you for any further input.

Uplay Features

Personal games library

The games you purchase from Ubisoft are neatly organized in your personal library, from which you can launch them immediately, with a single click.

Seamless transactions

Purchasing a game is an effortless task. If your credit card details are properly specified, you can buy a game and add it to your library in just a few seconds.

Latest news from Ubisoft

The client provides you with the latest going ons from Ubisoft. Any new game announcements or updates can be found on Uplay's user interface.

Progress and achievements tracking

The software lets you know how far you've gotten in your games. It also keeps track of your achievements and accumulated points.

Automatic installation

A single click is all it takes to get a game up and running. Once you've purchased a game, you only need to click a button and the software will download and install all the files automatically.