Send instant messages to your closest friends, spice up your conversations by using animated stickers, send voice messages or make calls, transfer photos and other types of files, let your friends know precisely where you are, play games, and more. As you can see, the free WeChat messaging application nicely covers all your communication and socializing needs. Westerners may not be very familiar with WeChat, but the fact of the matter is that this application is hugely popular, having over nine hundred million active users. About 90% of these users are Chinese, because that’s where WeChat is hugely popular: in China. WeChat is freeware, available as a web app that works in your browser, as a desktop application for PC and Mac, and as a mobile app for iOS and Android. No matter where you are, no matter what sort of device you have, WeChat has you covered and lets you easily stay in touch with your friends.

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