About Mixcraft

Mixcraft places a huge amount of music production tools at your disposal, on a single convenient user interface. It throws everything in there, except for the kitchen sink. You can find everything you need to create music from scratch, mix existing tracks, create loop-based music and much more. Complex operations can be prepared and executed without any effort, thanks to the efficient design of the user interface. As long as you now what you want to create, you can do it in no time with this piece of software.

The program lets you play sounds on a keyboard controller, create multi-sample instruments with hundreds of samples and this is just barely scratching the surface. What's more, Mixcraft can be integrated with various external devices, including the Novation Launchpad, which is perfect for live performances.

Mixcraft Features

Efficient design and functionality

Everything on the user interface is well organized and easy to spot. You can start working right away and keep working without any distractions.

Rich sampler collection

The software provides a huge amount of plug-ins, which can be used as instruments and effects tools. You can mix and match them however you want.

Live performance functionality

The software's performance panel has various features, including automatic sync capabilities, audio warping and song slicing, which are ideal for live performances.

External devices

Mixcraft can integrate with a wide variety of external devices, including the Novation Launchpad. This makes the software an excellent choice if you wish to play music in front of a crowd.

MIDI editing

The software's MIDI scoring and editing features allow you to create your own beats from scratch. The step sequencer, piano roll editor and other similar features will make your work significantly easier.