About Greenshot

Press a hotkey and Greenshot, a lightweight screen capture application that is free for all Windows users, will take a screenshot. The type of screenshot that Greenshot will capture depends on which hotkey you want to use. Pressing the Print key alone will capture a region on your desktop. Pressing Alt and Print will capture a window that’s open on your desktop. And pressing Ctrl and Print will capture the entire desktop with everything that is on it.

Greenshot comes with a built-in image editor, meaning that you can tweak a screenshot once you’ve taken it. The aforementioned editor lets you apply an effect, draw a shape, crop the screenshot, and so on. It’s not a very powerful editor, but then again Greenshot isn’t an image editing tool, it’s a screen capture tool. Hopefully the built-in editor should meet your needs, as long as you’re not too picky.

As mentioned above, Greenshot is free for all Windows users. What about Mac users? Although Greenshot is indeed available for Mac too, the thing is that Greenshot for Mac isn’t free. If you’re a Mac user and you want to take screenshots with this screen capture tool, you’ll have to buy it from the Mac App Store.

Greenshot Features

Customize the installation

If you’re a regular user and you don’t want to play with any of the settings, then go with the default Greenshot installation. But if you’re an advanced user, then you’ll be glad to know that you can customize the installation process.

Press a hotkey to take a screenshot

The easiest way of taking a screenshot is by using a hotkey: Print to screenshot a region, Alt + Print to screenshot a window, Ctrl + Print to screenshot the entire screen.

Built-in screenshot editor

Greenshot features a basic image editor which you can use to edit screenshots. You can use this editor to crop a screenshot, to draw shapes on the screenshot, to apply a filter, and so on.

Multiple output formats are available

Once you’re done taking and editing your screenshot, you can save it anywhere you want on your PC. You can save it as a JPG file, as a PNG file, as BMP file, and more.

Launch Greenshot at startup

Boot up your computer and Greenshot will be waiting for you to start using it. That’s because it can automatically launch at startup.