About Winamp

Listen to all the songs that are stored on your computer, taken an audio CD and listen to it, add URLs and stream music, find online radio stations to listen to, or load a music video and enjoy it. You can do all these things with Winamp, a free media player that’s been around for more than twenty years now.

Winamp’s interface isn’t that good looking, and you could even go and say that it feels dated and old. Still, that shouldn’t be a problem since you’re not going to be looking at the interface too often. Winamp can stay out of sight, run in the background, and play music as you go about your day.

Winamp is free software, currently available for desktop only, meaning that you can use this media player on Windows as well as Mac. Winamp used to be available for Android as well, but it is no longer available on Google Play.

Winamp Features

Play locally stored tracks

Winamp will play any audio file you give it. This media player can handle MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, ASF, and several other audio formats.

Listen to your audio CDs

Although they’re not as popular as they used to be, you may still have some audio CDs around your home. Pop one in and Winamp will play it for you.

Add URLS to stream music

I for one have a few online radio stations that I like to listen to. Thanks to Winamp’s Add URL function, I can easily load them into the media player and stream music as I go about my day.

Online Services a.k.a. SHOUTcast

SHOUTcast is a collection of online radio stations, all grouped according to genre: pop, rock, blues, country, electronic, folk, jazz, and so on.

Shuffle or randomize list

Toggle the Shuffle function and Winamp will randomly jump from one track to another. Or go to the Mic Action menu and select the Randomize List option instead.